Cetaceans database

The Cetaceans data portal web services provide the ability to search and retrieve data from database by providing access to the data.

Each part of the web services is provided by a web service API, which defines the name, input to, and output from the service for a particular request.

This page lists all the cetaceans web service APIs with a description that includes the information provided by the API, the input needed to get data from the API, and the data that is returned by the API.

The following web service APIs are provided:

Name getListSubmissions
Description In this webservice the user can get the list of all the files in the database.
Example Example to get the list of all the submissions
Name Token
Description In this webservice the user can request a JSON Web Token (JWT) to be able to make requests to the webAPI that require authentication.
Input [Body (Form Data)]
User (ICES user name)
Password (current password for the ICES user, same that you use in the ICES sharepoint)
Output If it succeds, then it will return you the JWT token, you can read more about it here.